Winter Family // Where did you go, my boy? // 180gr LP + MP3 COPY + DVD

After having released their first debut album on Sub Rosa Records in 2007, the Israeli and French duet Winter Family recorded this winter two new songs for their new LP, Where Did You Go, My Boy? Out on 22nd March 2008, it includes two films on a DVD (yes, inside the sleeve) from 4 young and talented video artists, as well as a code to download a copy of the album in MP3 along with the lyrics.




  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/01_-_Garden.mp3Garden (2'04)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/02_-_Psaume.mp3Psaume (4'50)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/03_-_Ray_Of_Light.mp3Ray of light (6'30)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/04_-_Omaha.mp3Omaha (3'40)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/05_-_Golden_Sword.mp3Golden Sword (2'06)


  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/06_-_Salted_Slug.mp3Salted slug (5'10)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/07_-_Auschwitz.mp3Auschwitz (3'09)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/08_-_So_Soon.mp3So soon (4'00)
  • /xmedia/sounds/Releases/MAR01LP/09_-_Shooting_Stars.mp3Shooting Stars (5'40)

This record can be seen as a compilation of the best tracks from their double album plus two new songs, Omaha and Shooting Stars and two new films.

Winter Family are Ruth Rosenthal (voice) and Xavier Klaine (piano, harmonium, organ).

Omaha is a beautiful shouting song recorded in Omaha Beach, with the sound of the harmonium and the wind from the sea echoing the bomb sounds Ruth is punctuating her poem with.

Shooting Star is on the contrary a very sweet and haunting piano/voice ballad.

Download a pressbook / the lyrics
Go to their website - myspace

Price for 180gr 12’ vinyl + DVD + MP3 COPY OF THE ALBUM: 15 € without shipment

DVD // Republique (13'33), A film by Philippe Petit & Maider Fortune // New Sun (5'32), A film by Yael Perlman & Roland Edzard

New Sun is a cinematic poem shot near the Dead Sea in Israel, filmed by the amazing video artists Yael Perlman and Roland Edzard, which illustrates with grace and force the poetry behind the song New Sun.


Republique was filmed by the video artists Maider Fortune and Philippe Petit at a concert the band played in March 2007 in the Church Sainte Elizabeth de Hongrie in Paris.



Winter Family has just participated to this great video project of the Blogotheque called the Take Away Shows.
They played 3 songs in Jerusalem, compiled as 3 short films directed by Vincent Moon. These videos are truely outstanding

You can watch the 3 videos on the Blogotheque here in streaming or download them as an entire film here

Two of the 3 songs in these videos are part of Where Did You Go, My Boy? which is already out on Marienbad, you can listen to it here
Enjoy and share!


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Winter family : New album

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